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Black Mesa Preserve

To continue our journey through the Oklahoma Panhandle we went to “Black Mesa Nature Preserve” after our visit to “Black Mesa State Park”   This is where you can hike up to the top of Black Mesa which is generally a 4-hour hike round trip.  It was after 3 pm when we got there, but I knew we wouldn’t do the hike before that.  There was no way our toddler could get through it, and I’m not sure the rest of us could either. Our youngest said she needed to use the bathroom even though we had just gone to the bathroom 15 minutes earlier.  They have an outhouse type potty, but she did not like that.  It was actually pretty clean, but the big hole is pretty scary.  We hiked a bit up the Mesa to see the rocks and plant life.  We found several cool lava rocks and a rock that was shaped like a small chair!  Even just hiking a tiny bit up the mesa, provided great views. My toddler was getting pretty whiny and tired, so we headed back to the car after about 30 minutes.  It is a really neat place, and I would love to come back at night.  It is supposed to have one of the most fantastic views of the stars in the US.  It’s pretty far out and away from everything so I can see why.

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