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Panel Polls – make money testing apps


I don’t even remember how I discovered this site.  I’m sure I read it on a blog somewhere that gave advice on how to make money online.  I’ve made money several ways online, but I think this one is my favorite because my youngest daughter gets to help us make extra money.  Another great thing, this is not a survey site though the title may lead you to think that.  It is not a huge money maker, but $10-$20 here and there can add up for vacation money.

What You May Test and How Much You Can Earn

First I will list the apps my daughter and I tested on Panel Polls and how much we earned:

  1. Nick Jr. App  $20
  2. Noggin App  $20
  3. Shimmer and Shine App  $10

What Is Expected

I also want to list what is expected in terms of participation of beta testing these apps. This information is provided in an email that I got on the Shimmer and Shine beta test.  This is generally what will be expected of you and your child when beta testing an app.

  1. Don’t panic if the app crashes or fails to launch on your device – it is a very important part of this beta test! If you experience any problems with the app crashing, glitching, etc. please be sure to report the issue (and provide as much details as possible – screenshots if any, make and model of your device, device’s version of the operating system and a very specific explanation of the problem that you are experiencing.
  2. The discussion board is the place where you can post your thoughts, comments, things you like and things you don’t like about the app. You can also check to see if the moderator has any additional questions and/or followed up with your questions that you posted before.
  3. As you use the app, use the discussion forum to talk about your experience. Please be as specific as possible in your responses. Learning about any problem you encounter will help us to identify challenges and address them as quickly as possible. Also, learning about what you like and dislike helps us know where we should focus our efforts moving forward.
  4. Please make sure you log on to the discussion boards at least once a day and respond to new moderator threads (or start some of your own!).
  5. The developers and moderators will be listening to YOUR feedback and will be working to improve the app. As we gather feedback and make changes to the beta, we might send updated versions of the beta so you can test the improvements and continue to help us make it better.
  6. Please be sure to review and follow the community rules.
  7. If you actively participate in the project by using the app that you downloaded through HockeyApp on a daily basis and post on the discussion board about your experience on a daily basis, you will receive $10.00.

I hope you check out Panel Polls and love it as much as we do!

Do you have any tips for making a little extra money for your family?   I would love you to share them in the comments.



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