Review Le Tote Clothes Rental for Women Part 2

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My original LeTote review page was getting a little overloaded with information, so I decided to start a new one. This page will be a review of my clothes and accessories only. If you want my full personal review of the Le Tote clothes rental service you can review it here .  This post contains affiliate links to LeTote.

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This was a great tote!  I loved all the items I received.  I picked both shirts in hopes that I could wear one of them for our family photo session planned that week.  Luckily the striped blouse fits perfectly and looked very nice on.  I also wore the jeans for our photos and should have kept them, because they were so fabulous!  The Amy Klein wrap shirt was really pretty and I got several compliments when I wore it to work. I just forgot to get a photo of me wearing it.


I’m wearing my entire tote in this photo.  The blouse is super cute and with the sleeves not being long, the ruffles do not get in your way.  The necklace matched the shirt.  The pants fit well, except for the length.  I just wore boots to cover up the high water effect.  I did not keep this tote, but I might rent it again.


My daughter took a picture of me in this outfit!  The blouse was really pretty and lightweight.  The fabric was a bit cool for the temperatures the day I wore this, but I work inside so it didn’t matter too much.  The bell sleeves can kind of get in the way and get caught on things, but I still really loved this shirt!  It was pretty and comfortable.  The leggings fit great.  I really need a pair of black leggings, but just wasn’t willing to pay that much to keep these.  The earrings are really pretty on, but they fit weird.  the stud is curved and that was odd putting in my piercing.

If you love getting new clothes and having something new to wear all the time, you HAVE to check out LeTote!  I love it so much.

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