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Silver Dollar City

While we were in Branson, MO we visited Silver Dollar City.  It had been over 25 years since I was there last, so I did expect a few changes.  Before we headed to Branson, I searched high and low for a discount to Silver Dollar City.  There are several ways to get discounts, by purchasing combo tickets.  There were only 2 things in the combo packages that I planned to do while in Branson, Silver Dollar City and the Dixie Stampede.  I did a lot of digging at the sites where you can purchase pre paid tickets and did find some better deals than the combo packs or even the official web site of said entertainment.  There are also 2 day passes and combo packs to White Water.  I only wanted to spend one day in Silver Dollar City, and was not interested in White Water.  So, finding a discount for just Silver Dollar City was pretty much impossible to find.  In my research I did find that if you go to McDonald’s in Branson, you would get a coupon for $5.00 off your ticket price on the back of your receipt.  So, that’s what we ended up doing.  (After going to Silver Dollar City, and spending the day there, I would definitely recommend spending 2 days there, and taking advantage of that discount.)

We left our second morning in Branson to head to SDC.  I really wanted to get there when they opened, but getting my family around that quickly did not happen.  When you first pull in there are 2 lines for parking.  One is free, the other you pay.  Since I’m frugal, we took the free parking.  I don’t know what is special about the paid parking, I think the bus you ride to the park has an a/c or something.  We were directed to a parking space, and there was a shuttle pulling up as we headed to the waiting area for the shuttle.  Everyone loads up, and you head straight to the park.  Super simple and super fast!  I see no reason to pay for parking at all.  We got in line to buy our tickets, and happily it was not long.  As we were waiting a nice man hands me another Mc Donald’s discount receipt.  The receipt only covers 2 people, so this would cover one more ticket for us (we only had to buy three tickets, because my 3 year old gets in free).  Lucky us, there is a lady in front of my husband who has a discount ticket for $30 off that expires the following Saturday.  She has season passes, and says that my husband can go up to the counter with her and use her discount for his ticket!  Cha ching!!  So, we ended up saving $40 on our tickets.  Of course my husband sees that as extra money to spend.  Lol!!

Silver Dollar City has an App you can download on your phone that shows the amount of time the waiting line is for their larger rides.  That actually came in handy, and was accurate every time we checked it.  The longest line was always for the “Lost River of the Ozarks”, which we did not end up riding.  Speaking of water rides, this phone protector came in handy at SDC and our resort!  (Plus the price is great! ) I had my phone under water, near water, splashed by water, etc.  It did great.  You can also use your phone while it is in it.  I have an iPhone 6S and it fit in the case, and was fully functional while in the case.) While at SDC,  I did feel like we were rushing around a bit, because we didn’t feel like we had a lot of time, and I know we missed some things.  I think 2 days there would be prefect so you can really enjoy the whole park.

I think my toddler’s favorite part was hugging Lucky the Rescue Dog!  She is obsessed with dogs right now!  She is always some new dog.  “Momma, I’m Scooby Doo.  I’m Rocky.  I’m Rubble, I’m Snoopy, I’m that dog.” on and on.  Lol!!  There were quite a few rides for her, and she enjoyed all of them, especially the train.  I took her on the American Plunge, and was very nervous about that, but she loved it.  My teenager rode every roller coaster, and most by herself.  She said Silver Dollar City was her favorite part of our trip.
Right before we were about to leave my teenager and I refilled our souvenir cups.  We didn’t notice until we walked away that they were not good.  As you are leaving the park there is a cinnamon roll shop, it’s after the big gift shop at the exit, well I think it’s a bakery, but they have tons of cinnamon rolls.  We stopped in there to get cinnamon rolls on our way out.  I asked our cashier if she could dump our drinks and refill our cups because we got bad pop.  She said sure, and asked me where we got our drinks.  I told her, and she refilled our cups for free and gave us a 25% discount on our cinnamon rolls.  SDC has very friendly people, and awesome customer service.  We can’t wait to go back!

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