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Review Le Tote Clothes Rental for Women


I’ve been using LeTote for just over a month now and decided I needed to write up a review of my experience so far.  First I want to say that I love Le Tote!  I have looked at other clothes rental options out there, but LeTote seemed to be the best one to fit my needs.  They have several rental plans.  My plan is the Classic Box.  I get  2 clothing items and 1 accessory out at a time (which you sadly, can no longer purchase).  To begin I created an account with my sizes and preferences.  They have many clothing and accessory options you can add to your virtual closet.  Once you have set up your account, a stylist will choose 2 pieces of clothing and one accessory.  You review each item, and then you can change out the items to something else, or keep them.  I have done both.  They will then process your items and ship them out to you.  My Tote box is $44 per month with insurance.  So far it has worked out to 8 pieces of clothing and 4 accessories a month.  I wear each piece at least once, then send it back. I average 1 tote box per week.  You pay nothing for shipping!  Once they receive notification that you have dropped your package at the post office (when they scan it) your next tote is prepared for you.   You then can exchange the items, or keep what the stylist chose.  It’s usually in the mail that same day.

Le Tote Review

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Here are the current options they offer

  • 3 clothing items + 2 accessories $64/month
  • 4 clothing items $74/month
  • 2 clothing items + 1 accessory $44/month, excludes scarves and handbags (this is the one I do.  I do get handbags, but maybe I have limited options.)
  • 5 clothing items + 3 accessories $84/month
  • ****Update, I believe there have been price changes on these!  At this time I am unable to see the new prices since I am already a member. I beleive my subscription is no longer an option, but has been grandfathered for those who already had it.  Also, I have included insurance on the prices, which is $5 extra a month.  You can opt out of insurance. You should still check it out!****


  • 3 clothing items + 2 accessories $74/month
  • 4 clothing items $74/month
  • 2 clothing items + 1 accessory $54/month, excludes scarves and handbags

Why I love Le Tote

  1. Something new to wear every week!
  2. The price is great!  I could easily spend $44 on one nice new blouse once a month.  With Le Tote, I can wear up to 8 new (to me) blouses in a month!
  3. They have a great selection!
  4. They have great brands!
  5. My clothes are always very clean and most look new when I receive them.  They smell fine too (I’m sensative to strong smells).
  6. You can purchase any items you want to keep at a discount price.
  7. They have sales for members!  With clearance prices.
  8. You can borrow any item again.  If you really like something but did not decide to purchase it, you can borrow it again.
  9. Everything fits. (I’ve only had one exception, see review below).
  10. I’m excited each week to receive my new box.
  11. Fast shipping.
  12. You can pause your subscription if you need to.
  13. You can change up the items your stylist chooses.  This is great because I may not like what they chose, or I have a special occasion planned and need something specific to wear.  I can change my choices to accommodate me.
  14. If you keep your entire tote, you get your next month’s subscription free!

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 Do you have a favorite subscription clothes site?  I would love to hear about it!

**Update**  I’m still using Le Tote a few months down the road.  I am loving it!   I’m not the best at remembering to take photos of my outfits, but I will post them below when I do!  Thanks for checking out my page!

To get a perspective of the outfits on me, I am 5’9″ 140 lbs, size 36 B chest (barely a B).  I do have a slight belly bulge.  I wear a size 8 and medium in most clothes.


Cute little summer top, or could be s skirt for shorter people, from Le Tote.  The fabric was a little bit heavy for Summer atire, but it was nice for the evening. We are in Galveston in this photo.  This was a great vacation for my family!

Here’s the tote I received, and I’m wearing the Olivia Culpo Tie Neck Floral Blouse.  I loved this blouse and received several compliments on it.  I should have kept it!  Maybe it will go on sale later.

I’m wearing the entire tote in this photo.  I loved it all!  I kind of wish I had kept the Ruffle Blouse, it is so cute!  The white jeans were a bit tight around the waist.  I blame too many carbs for that!

These are my other Totes, and you can see me wearing some of them in the main photo at the top of this post.  If you click on the photos, you can see the items better.  I love the cold shoulder tops!  I wish I had remembered to take photos of everything!



I finally received a tote I did not like (see above)!  The Kut from the Kloth pants were kind of cute on, but I felt like you could “see” too much.  The shirt just looked funny on me.  Too loose at the chest (I wear a 36B).  The sleeves are huge bells!  I just could not wear it to work.  The earings had big studs, I could barely poke through my piercings.  I’m not a gold fan anyway, so not sure why I chose these.  I guess I wanted to step outside my box, but it did not work for me.  Anyway, this may be super cute on someone else, but not me.  I sent it straight back.  I guess there is always a first time something doesn’t work.