P.S. I Love You cabin in Beavers Bend

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Beavers Bend Part 1


Where to stay in Beavers Bend plus some fun stuff to check out

My husband and I decided to visit the Beavers Bend area for our Anniversary.  My husband has wanted to go for a while because he’s a Big Foot fan and there have been supposed Big Food sightings there.  I thought it looked like a really pretty and romantic place to visit.  Especially when I found the PS I Love You Cabin.  Normally I try to find really good deals for vacation and even weekend trips, but for some reason, I splurge when it comes to our anniversary celebrations.

Why I chose P.S. I Love You cabin

This is the second year that we have gone away for a weekend for our anniversary.  We honestly don’t go out much as a couple.  We may have dinner out with friends (no kids) once or twice a year.  I looked at so many cabins before I finally booked this one.  There were three things I knew I really wanted, a hot tub, an outdoor grill and a fireplace.  This house had all that, plus an outdoor fire pit, a fireplace in the bedroom with a huge jet tub in front of it, massage tables upstairs and a bed swing on the balcony!  I thought it would be a great place for us to relax and enjoy the cool immunities.  Plus every single review was 5 star.

Where I found the Cabin

I found the Cabin on VRBO.com.  Search for listing number 554541.  As usual, I did a ton of research before I decided on this cabin.  I just could not beat the reviews or the amenities on this one!

Getting To The Cabin

It took us about 8 hours to get to the cabin from our house.  It is supposed to be a 6 and a half hour drive, but of course, we had a few stops along the way.  We only had 2 stops that lasted more than 5 minutes.  We stopped at the Boot Barn in OKC, a really nice place, but they were not having any good sales while we were there.  We also stopped for lunch at a BBQ place in Okeema called Papa’s Backyard Bar-B-Que.  I’m so glad we stopped here.  I had a Smoked Cheese Burger, it was delicious!  My husband had brisket and it was so good too.  All of our food was very flavorful!  They also have soft serve ice cream for free with your meal.  You can get it in a cone or a dish, and it is self-serve.  We both had chocolate and it was the perfect amount of sweet after our meal.

The cabin is actually in Hochatown.  It took us a little while to find the cabin, but we found it with just a little bit of struggle.  Once you are in the neighborhood the cabin is in, you just need to look at the cabins signs.  Almost all of the cabins had their name on a sign near their entrance.  Our biggest issue was that all the winding streets were called Poplar!  Poplar Lane, Poplar Road, Poplar Way, Poplar Drive, etc.  I think that confused us the most.  But it was all worth it when we got to the cabin.  It was fabulous!  I can’t describe how beautiful it was.

P.S. I love you photos from our cabin.

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What We Did

Enjoyed the cabin and the time alone together of course!  Honestly, you could stay in the cabin for days, never leave, and be happy!  We stayed 2 nights and I so cold have stayed more.  We did get out to eat an explore.  Our first night we decided to check out one of the wineries.  Even though our cabin was pretty secluded, we were close to several restaurants and other activities.  We went to Fish Tales Winery which was just a few minutes drive from our cabin.  It was evening, I believe around 6:00 p.m.  It was not crowded, there were just a few people relaxing on the porch in wooden rockers.  I’m not an expert on wines, but I like to drink it!  I tend to like sweeter wines and Moscatos.  The lady who helped us recommended several wines she thought we might enjoy, and we were able to taste them all for free.  We chose two that were our favorites and bought one bottle of each.  The winery was very nice and the server was very friendly.  If we are ever in the area we will go back and buy more.  For dinner, my husband chose House of Burgers and Blues.  We ended up sitting at the bar.  The bartender was great!  Very friendly and funny.  I swear the bear on tap was the coldest I ever had.  They had several local beers on tap and now I wish I would have tried one or two.  I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich with fries.  The sandwich was good, and I loved the fries.  My husband had a burger and said it was really good.  The bartender brought out some batter dipped fried jalapeno strips with ranch dressing and let everyone at the bar try them.  Those were really good too!  That was a good time, but not really too romantic.

Hot Tub

I brought some new essential oils with us to try out that I bought from Eden’s Garden.  One of the oils I bought was Aphrodisiac.  I figured, what the heck it wouldn’t hurt to try it.  I also brought my diffuser.  We put it in the bedroom and ran it when we got back from eating.  The smell to me was manly!  I do believe it was an aphrodisiac on my part.  We spent some time outside in the hot tub, and that was awesome.  I think the temperature outside was in the 50s, so the hot tub felt awesome!  They provide robes too.  There is also a big curtain to provide a little privacy from the closest neighbor, which was still quite a ways from our cabin.  They would probably need binoculars to really see us.


The next morning we took it easy.  My husband gave me a massage on one of the massage tables in the loft.  We used oils I bought from Edens Garden again.  We used a carrier oil called Sweet Almond and a synergy blend called massage therapy.  I just poured some of the sweet almond oil in a small container and added a few drops on the massage therapy to it.  It was minty fresh and soothing.  I loved the massage and the oil.  You can make an appointment to have a massage therapist come to your cabin and give you a couples massage.  My husband hates massages, so we didn’t do that.  we skipped the expense of hiring on and I let him give me one.  It was just a fabulous as a professional.

Explore & Eat on our 2nd Day

We decided to get out and explore some later in the morning.  We stopped by a gift shop called Janet’s Treasure Chest that had a lot of neat gifts.  If you’re a Big Foot fan, they have stuff for that too.  My husband did not buy anything, which kind of surprised me.  I thought he would at least get a t-shirt.

There was a guestbook at our cabin where past guests could write a review of their stay at the cabin and write about the places they visited.  We got some good advice out of the book, and one of the places most mentioned was Grateful Head Pizza.  We decided to go there for lunch.  Wow!  Their pizza was delicious!  We had the Psychedelic (I love supreme pizza).  And we both got cokes to drink.  They have local beer on tap there too, plus all your favorites.  But, it was too early for me to drink beer, plus I was a little bit hungover from the night before.  I’m not usually one to get excited about trying a new pizza place, but I’m glad we stopped here.  I will go back.


After that, we went to Beaver’s Bend State Park.  The weather was pretty cool and overcast.  In the mid to upper 50s.  It was actually pretty nice.  We drove across the dam and drove down the road just a bit.  There was a place to pull over and park.  You could go down to the water here and it was beautiful.  We hiked down a ways, it’s pretty rocky and steep in places, so we took it slow.  There were quite a few people exploring and fishing.  We just hiked around and took some photos of the flowing water and the beautiful autumn colored trees.  My left knee was really bothering me that morning, so I wasn’t really into hiking like I wanted to be.  We drove further up the highway and into the park.  Gorgeous scenery with people hiking, fishing and paddle boating.  We got out several times to walk and explore.

Beavers Bend Lake
Beavers Bend Lake




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