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Ride the Ducks in Branson

Duck Branson

After we did our Old Time Photos, we went to Ride the Ducks   I had a coupon to Ride The Ducks that I picked up while we were at SDC the previous day. We had about a 45 minute wait before we could ride, so we just roamed around the gift shop until we could get in line. Of course we got both the girls “quackers” The Duck Ride was fun and interesting.  Our captain had lots of great information about Branson and made the ride very entertaining.   I only wish we had been in the water more. The day was pretty hot, so when we got in the water that was pretty nice.  Both girls got to drive the boat.   Our toddler sat in her daddy’s lap to drive.  I think they both thought it was pretty neat.  I still remember driving the Duck when I was a little kid and how much I loved the experience.  I’m so happy to be able to make memories with my children that relate back to some of my childhood memories.  At the end of the ride you can purchase photos, being the frugal person I am, I turned them down.  There are a lot of touristy traps like that at almost all of the entertainment we visited in Branson.  I have plenty of great photos on my phone and camera to commemorate our family vacation.

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